Super Unit Price 2013-2016

Public data from

  • Most funds tend to provide total increasements, contains continuous contribution, insurance fee, admin fee and a lot other terms that I don’t know.
  • However, unit price is the simplest price to reflect fund value and measure fund managers’ performance.

In 2015/2016, the fund kept staying in a narrow price range, but the annual report claimed that they have successfully increased ~10%.


Android-x86 on my Dell Inspiron






Driving Notes – Day 1

Car – Toyota Corolla


Before driving

  1. Seat on the right, drive on the left
  2. Seat bet!!
  3. Adjust:
    1. Seat – distance to steering wheel and paddle, arm & leg length
    2. Mirrors – side mirrors(paddle in the corner), back mirror(full back window inside)
    3. Checking – gas, blind area(head check through right back window)


Start driving

  1. Brake first
  2. Putt gear in N
  3. Release parking brake
  4. Step on the gas SOFTLY


During driving

  1. Check mirror
  2. Keep on the left, don’t drive over the centre line
  3. Release gas if fast enough, otherwise, it will keep speed up
  4. Slow down when there are cars parking on the side


Give way

  1. Pay attention to pedestrian, parked car, etc
  2. Stop before crossing line
  3. 2-phase braking
    1. 2 blocks – litter harder
    2. 10-20m – very softly until stop


Don’t give way – but check

  • No line ahead you(road to lane)


Too fast – DANGEROUS

  • Turning 15-20km/h
  • Build-up area 40-50km/h